Saturday, June 12, 2010

DC Pride parade seems to be the longest ever

The thunderstorms wrapped around the DC heat island, allowing one of the longest Gay Pride parades ever in Washington DC tonight. They didn’t all arrive at their final resting place until after a Hurry Sundown at 9:15 or so. I saw only one float that mentioned “don’t ask don’t tell”; there were more church groups than ever before, including the Clarendon Presbyterian Church in Arlington, which I have attended.

JR’s had its usual block party (draft beer just $4), which seemed to break up earlier; the Cobalt was packed by 10:30; on Pride night it gets started earlier. This time men and women were in rough balance (since Cobalt has been doing women’s dances on Saturday nights).

The total count of people who “got it”: 7 (that’s a private matter, so I publish it).

The City did well, having just cleared out a World Cup rally at Dupont Circle hours before.

Oh, I see that I'm supposed to call this event "Capital Pride"!

Sunday, with PrideFest, it will be back to politics.

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