Saturday, June 05, 2010

DC Pride Week starts today; Cobalt really hops with men's dance on Fridays now; needs new website to be up

Well, the Cobalt on 17th Street in Washington really is busy on Friday nights now, for men (as Saturday seems to have switched to women’s parties) before midnight, with some of the dancing spilling down to the 30-degree lounge. They’ve put in more sofa upstairs for amorous sessions.

I think maybe Cobalt is benefiting from the fact that one its main competitors, Town DC, entertains us with a drag show, and a lot of people would like to skip the show and start the dancing. The Friday night music might be a little more 80-ish.

The club needs to get its website back.

17th Street is already decked out in Pride colors for the June 12-13 Pride weekend. But some events start this weekend.

The calendar for the Capital Pride website is here with some events starting today June 5. There is a town hall for the topic of aging in the gay community Monday June 7.

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