Monday, June 28, 2010

Washington Blade responds to Village Voice criticism of legacy gay media

The Washington Blade has tweeted and replied in an op-ed here to what it calls an unfair attack in the Village Voice on gay print media, (web url) here, by Michael Levers, on June 22

I note the statement "With print publications falling like so many dead trees, bloggers and new, online-only news networks like Edge Media Network and Britain’s Pink News are fast becoming the new gay press establishment."  Perhaps.  But I wouldn't personally mind having more of a foothold in the "legacy" media establishment.  As I noted on my BillBoushka blog this morning, there are constant challenges to the free entry and user-content generated model.  And bloggers depend on the media establishment for a lot of original source material (properly and bibliographically attributed).

Let me add that I knew one of the founders of Windows Media when I lived in Dallas in the 1980s.

Also, some "bad" news: apparently there was a shooting Saturday night near San Francisco's "Pink" celebration, with the Advocate account here. Violent events at pride events have been very rare over the years; I don't recall another one since my first CSLD march in New York in 1973.

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