Saturday, July 17, 2010

Log Cabin DADT challenge: USAF officer says he was outed by snooping of personal emails

A former Air Force officer, Michael Almy, testified at the trial in Riverside CA challenge to the military “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” policy, that he had kept his private and “professional” lives separate but when someone snooped at personal emails from Iraq, he was outed and then relieved at his duties.

Admittedly, he had used a military computer, but when deployed to a combat area (Iraq) it is impossible to carry on reasonable personal communications without military computers, and some personal use is normally permitted (even blogging in some cases).

The AP story by Julie Watson was reported by The Washington Post July 16 (link), along with another article explaining that Log Cabin Republicans believes that repeal of the policy should be a multi-front approach involving all branches of government, including the judiciary.

Update: July 22 :

The Southwest Riverside News Network has a story "Canadian professor testifies at ‘Dont Ask, Don’t Tell” policy trial in Riverside: The nonjury trial got under way July 13 before U.S. District Judge Virginia Phillips", link here. The professor said that if Canada sets an example, lifting the ban would be a "nonevent".  Blame Canada?

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