Friday, August 20, 2010

Fannie Mae agrees to treat same-sex couples equally, bringing individual mortgage companies in line

Lambda Legal announced today that it had settled a lawsuit against Countrywide Financial regarding mortgages held by same-sex couples after Fannie Mae announced that under new guidelines, “" same-sex couples across the country will not be punished for sharing ownership of their home.” Fannie Mae’s announcement will affect the policies of all approved sellers of mortgages that it buys from. Presumably Freddie Mac will follow similar policies. The case had been known as "DeWolf and Watts v. Countrywide."

The most recent Lambda Legal announcement on the case is here,  An update is likely to appear later today.

I recall that even in the 1980s it was common for many rambler suburban homes in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area to be built for "roommates", often with two full-sized master bedrooms. To the best of my recollection, non-blood-relatives could get mortgages together.

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