Saturday, August 21, 2010

Metro Weekly op-eds show LGBT stake in NYC mosque issue

Will O’Bryan has an important op-ed in the Aug. 20 Metro Weekly (Washington DC) “American Mosque: Attacking an Islamic Center at Ground Zero Is an Attack on American Values”, link here.

He links to another story in the same issue by Richard Rosenthal, “In the Same Boat: Ground Zero Backlash Shows the Ease of Intolerance.” Rosenthal tells the story of a man from Tanzania whose uncle almost killed him to protect “family honor” after a cousin snooped on his computer to find he was gay. But he points out that the same kind of intolerance exists in radical forms of all religions.

I concur with all this. We must be consistent in respecting the first amendment. But the latest is that unions might try to boycott construction of a mosque. Popular opinion can boycott things that in an abstract sense ought to be seen as justifiable and right. The LGBT community is all to familiar with the “tyranny of the majority.”

I dropped by the Green Lantern around 10:15 PM Saturday night, and found that the $10 cover party upstairs never got going while I was there. Downstairs was pretty full. But I read about Strasburg’s injury on my Blackberry.

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