Thursday, August 12, 2010

Navy "call signs" can result in forced outings in a DADT environment

Andrew Tilghman has a story in the Navy Times today about “call signs” in the Navy, and their use to ostracize supposedly gay sailors particularly in aviation, with a story about Ensign Steve Crowston in Strike Fighter Squadron 136 in Virginia being singled out by the signs. The Ensign denies that he has disclosed sexual orientation.

The story is here.  The title is "Ensign cites harassment in call sign choice".

The Navy is thought of as the most conservative of the services, since sailors have to live in separate communities or “dominions” at sea for months. Nevertheless, in the 1980s, submarine hunter Keith Meinhold maintains that he never encountered anti-gay harassment despite widespread knowledge that he was gay. The experience varies enormously from command to command. The presence of gay sailors on an aircraft carrier was discussed openly in the Discovery series “At Sea”.

I had a letter published in the Army Times in 1996 about “gay witchhunts” but I seem to have lost the text.

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