Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Texas case tests survivors benefits of a heterosexual marriage of a transgendered person

The Washington Times has a front page story on August 11 by Kenneth Watson, “Born a boy, but fighting for death benefits as a widow”, link here.  This matter concerns Nikki Araguz, born as a man Justin Purdue but then a female after a gender change and heterosexual marriage as a woman. Texas courts have the case, and the husband’s mother , Simona Longoria, of Fire Department Captain Thomas Araguz, is challenging her insurance death benefit on the idea that Texas law limits gender to birth, and that therefore their marriage was never valid. The mother wants to use the benefit for all the other grandchildren of an earlier marriage.

Longoria is also challenging the right of Nikki to act as executor of the will.

This certainly sounds like a good case of the limits of transgender rights, especially since Nikki experienced the marriage as heterosexual. The husband apparently knew about the past gender change.

Wikipedia attribution link for Houston montage, here. Note Minute-Maid Park, formerly Enron Field.

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delgadovaraguzblog said...

The Washington Times article by Kathryn Watson (not Kenneth) about the Delgado v. Araguz case is filled with all sorts of misinformation and disinformation. It was even properly fact checked on basic information and dates. It is also written by a conservative, Kathryn Watson, who is a student at right wing Christian University that is anti-transsexual rights. For better, more accurate, and more complete information about the case, check out the following blog: