Sunday, August 15, 2010

Visit to Apex-DC

I hadn’t been to Apex-DC, near the Pop Stop at 22nd and P Sts NW Washington, in over a year on a Saturday night, and I found that the drag show still goes on, although it didn’t start until almost midnight and went on for about 90 minutes. There was a “military” revue, and a sextet ensemble near the end singing from Feirstein’s “Torch Song Trilogy”, along with some real razzle dazzle body language just before the end.

The “back room” was open at 11, and by 12 people were back there for Caliente Grande (Latin) dancing. But the plasma TV screens are down back there.

The upstairs was not open at all, as the crowd was somewhat moderate. I don’t know the people; they seem different from Town and Cobalt.

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