Sunday, August 08, 2010

"Wikileaks" soldier said to be gay, perhaps disenchanted with DADT

Chris Johnson has a story on the front page of the Aug. 6, 2010 “The Washington Blade” to the effect that Pfc. Bradley Manning, accused of at least one and possibly multiple leaks of classified information to Wikileaks, was gay could have been incense over “don’t ask don’t tell’ as well as the actual conduct of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The title of the story is “Gay soldier accused of leaking classified files; did anger over ‘don’t ask’ motive Manning to act?”, link here.

The story reports that Manning had made a contribution to “Save the Blade” after Window Media (a holding company) closed the Washington Blade and several other gay papers last November. As reported here, employees reconstituted the Blade as “DC Agenda” and recently won the right to use the Blade trademark from the bankruptcy court, as well as progress with the archives. Similarly, papers in other cities have reconstructed themselves as independent. I attended a meeting about the closure myself at Hard Rock Cafe last November, as I reported.

The Daily Telegraph in the UK seems to be one source reporting Manning’s supposed homosexuality and disenchantment with DADT. This link  (story by ) Heidi Blake, John Bingham and Gordon Rayner) at the Telegraph shows Manning at a gay pride march. Supposedly Manning had discussed his same-sex partner and dissatisfaction with the military on Facebook.

Manning is currently held at the Quantico Marine Base brig despite the fact that he is in the Army. The UK Telegraph also reports that  US Congressman Mike Rogers told a MI station that Manning should be executed for treason.  There is some question as to how credible it is that one person could have leaked documents relevant to disparate theaters of operation.  It's not that easy to get hands on everything.

I’ve have been told that most commands actually don’t pursue DADT investigations based on Facebook disclosures, but the policy would allow them and possibly implore them to do so, as written. I could not find a profile that seemed to match him this morning, and the link given by the Telegraph now gets a "not found".

I dread to wonder what The Washington Times will do with this story this week.

(Observations from "Heard on the street" when "out and about"):

I found out about this development as I left the Town DC last night and picked up a Blade.

By the way, some Washington DC gay clubs now check ID cards against known lists of fakes. When I was substitute teaching in 2007, I spotted someone whom I knew was only 16 from lists I had seen at school. Clubs have apparently been warned to be pro-active about underage admission. In 2007, news media reported several fake ID rings in DC being broken up by police.  I recall that an epsiode of the WB show "Everwood" was based on the fake ID problem.

I almost got clipped by a right-turning car hailing a cab from nera Nellie's.  Cabs were scare last night. I actually caught a rogue, unmarked one.

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