Saturday, September 25, 2010

Federal judge orders Air Force to reinstate nurse Mar. Margaret Witt

A federal judge, Ronald B. Leighton, in a ruling in Tacoma, WA, ordered the Air Force to reinstate Air Force Reserves Major Margaret Witt on Friday, using the “Witt” standard, maintaining, under a review standard from the Ninth Circuit, that the government had not shown her discharge advanced any legitimate interest. Robert Barnes has a story in the Washington Post Saturday here. He said that “Good flight nurses are hard to find.”

Rob Carson has a similar story in the Olympian (Washington state) today (website url) here. Leighton is a Bush appointee and indicated that he still believes Congress should overhaul the policy.

The ruling is interesting as it comes at a time when the Navy reportedly is recruiting nurses up to age 40 aggressively because of humanitarian challenges in Haiti and in the Indian Ocean, as well as combat.

Sandhya Somashekhar has a story in the Post today about libertarian courtship of LGBT members after failure of Democrats to deliver. We’ll have more about this soon.

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