Thursday, September 02, 2010

Focus on Family complains that anti-bullying initiatives might promote "gay rights" (AC360 "debate")

Last night (Sept. 1), Anderson Cooper 360 presented a “debate” on whether anti-bullying initiatives in public schools should or must specifically address anti-gay bullying. The link is here.

Candi Cushman, Education Analyst for Focus on the Family Action, tried some double talk. She said that no bullying of any kind for any reasons should be tolerated, but said that kindergarten and elementary school kids should not be taught about homosexuality, because that might seem to endorse it.

Two other guests appeared, including one from GLSEN. They both said that kids would not understand bullying until they are educated about the issues that provoke it, and one of these issues is gender-related or gender conformity issues among kids.

I was teased heavily from third to about the fifth grade, largely because I was perceived as “weak” and behind physically, as well as socially distant (probably something like very mild Asperger’s). There was a playground rule “no bunts except for Boushka”. By sixth grade, I had developed some competence in batting a tossed softball, and remember an occasion when I was waiting to bat and the kid in front of me, right before lunch, hit into a triple play!

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