Saturday, October 02, 2010

AIDSwalk in Washington in 2010 is embedded in larger events.

This year, the AIDSWalk in Washington DC was overshadowed, or perhaps embedded in, the larger “One Nation” rally the same day on the Mall and later at the Lincoln Memorial. This year, the heart of the festivities happened further up Pennsylvania Avenue, almost to 14th Street, near the White House and Treasury.

The tumbling demonstration was interesting. I dreaded tumbling in PE in high school.

I followed the walk in reverse order, meeting it as I walked up from Federal Center near the Capitol.

This year, the Walk follows hard times for the Whitman Walker Clinic, when the rate of HIV infection in the City and among gay men is rising again, as demonstrated in the recent film "The Other City".

There was a nearby demonstration that 9/11 was a fake, Noam Chomsky style.

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