Saturday, October 30, 2010

Apex-DC holds Halloween Bash Contest; Retired chaplains whine about proposed repeal of DADT

Friday, October 29, 2010, the Apex-DC Club (site) in Washington DC held its “ladies night” version of “Halloween Bash 2010”, with a show (the viewing balcony was changed into a stage) and a costume contest with 21 entries. “Tiger Woods and his wife” beat out “Lady Gaga” in the competition; Lady Gaga might have been popular because of her recent campaign against “don’t ask don’t tell”.

Despite the "ladies" event, the dance floor was perhaps a little more than half male (not the case at a comparable even at Cobalt when I visited it on a Saturday in the spring); and the ladies in the show got a little explicit about their assets, enough to attract attention. Superwoman wore Clark Kent's shirt.

On that issue, a group of retired chaplains is reported to have opposed the repeal, concerned that chaplains could be disciplined for expressing their own religious beliefs against homosexuality. But chalplainship is different from being a civilian pastor with your own congregation. More uncompromising pastors say that chaplains will be forced to choose between serving God and serving Man in the military.

The AP story (also reprinted Saturday morning in the Washington Post) by Tom Breen is here.

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