Friday, October 01, 2010

HIV is returning among MSM's, too rapidly

The Washington Blade, the day before AIDSwalk, has an article “HIV Remains a Gay Disease”, by Daniel O’Neill, link here (in contradiction to politically correct pronouncements of the past) Monday, October 3, is National Gay Men’s HIV Awareness Day.

There are recent reports that about 20% of MSM’s in large cities are infected with HIV, a recent increase. MSM’s are 44 to 86 more likely to become infected by HIV than men with heterosexual relations only.

The article reports that over half of young men in the early 1980s would die of HIV. Young men living today probably have little awareness of this fact of history, an accidental viral holocaust. O’Neill writes “Conversely, if you endured those years unscathed, you know what it was like. So please share your story with the next generation of gay men” I was in my 30s to early 40s then, and I did escape. I do remember what it was like (in Dallas, Texas, which was two years or so “behind” New York and LA, but got hit very hard in 1985 and 1986 (Maybe moving to Dallas for a new job and new “life” in early 1979 from New York “saved my life”, if so, an irony.) One friend, Rodney, a flight attendant, would make a heroic comeback from KS and be well for about two years and then succumb again. I don’t know how I escaped infection. Larry Kramer used to describe HIV as implementing a “reverse Darwinism.”

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