Friday, October 15, 2010

Obama mentions immutability, still promises end of "don't ask don't tell"

I thought I caught a bit of a speech where the president said “No one can choose who they love” and promised that “don’t ask don’t tell” would end under his watch, in Congress, despite the Senate filibuster setback in September, and the DOJ’s “appeal” of the injunction stopping the enforcement of DADT.

There’s a school paper by that name that I found, link here

This choice thing leads to curious paradoxes. No one gets to choose everything in life anyway. But invoking immutability escapes a real debate about what it takes for people to “live in a community”, the need to step up, the striving for equality while realizing that people are by definition intrinsically different.

I caught a line on a new Smallville tonight, from the “Green Arrow”, where we’ve created a world of “Armchair bloggers who created a legion of critics rather than leaders. “ I guess I’ve always been one to win arguments rather than converts. I guess the courtroom is about arguments, and the Congress is about converts. At some point, the president says, you accept some postulates (like immutability), try to get along, end a flawed policy from the past, and move on.

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