Sunday, October 24, 2010

Rockville MD club has unusual parties

The Rooftop on Gibb St. in the Town Center of Rockville MD has held monthly LGBT Saturday night parties this summer, and last night the group held its Halloween Party. Since the venue is outdoors, and in a normally colder part of the DC area in winter (“north and west”), the parties don’t resume until April. Last night, it was comfortable, at about 64 degrees outside. The venue has a website here and it looks like a god place for film festival receptions (if Rockville ever had a film festival).

This time there was more costume dancing, a little less intimate. Perhaps people come from Frederick and I-270; there were a couple of mistaken identities.

When I was growing up, Rockville was about as far as the DC area extended. In the 1950s, you reached it on US 240, on the way to Frederick, and, yes, Breezewood, and the Turnpike to farm summers in Ohio.

Note: the DJ uses a MacIntosh.

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