Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Michigan teacher suspended for disciplining student for remark about homosexuality and his religion in class

A Michigan teacher Jay McDowell was suspended for mildly disciplining a student for saying homosexuality conflicted with his religious belief, after a logical debate following the question as tow whether it was inconsistent to disallow confederate displays when purple t-shirts (to support gay students) was allowed. A student from another school, Graeme Taylor, spoke up for the teacher at a community meeting, in a bit of irony.

Tom Henderson has a story on ParentDish, “Was Michigan teacher wrong to eject students for anti-gay remarks?” and questions who was the bully. The link, with an MSN video, is here.

The bullying and teasng that I experienced back in the 1950s was more about being "non competitive" as a boy.  But that turned me against the "values" of the whole "heterosexual world" which I perceived as humiliating.  Yet, I applied society's competitive values in my own way, rather in retrograde.

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