Friday, November 26, 2010

No discharges this past month under DADT; Major Witt might get reinstated during appeal

No servicemembers have been discharged under “don’t ask don’t tell” since the Pentagon adopted procedural rules requiring top-level approval of discharges, according to a story by Lisa Leff, link here. No discharges have been approved since Oct. 21, even for enlisted. It sounds as if, as an administrative matter, “don’t ask don’t tell” could be practically dead even if the Senate does not vote on it or the 9th Circuit (and Supreme Court) don’t turn it down eventually.

Sandhya Somashekhar has a story (The Washington Post, p A2, Nov. 25) about Air Force flight nurse Major Margaret Witt, “U.S. appeals ruling on gay Air Force officer but does not seek to bar reinstatement”, link here.  But the administration did not ask that the judge’s reinstatement order be stayed, which clears the way for her temporary return to active duty. However the Air Force said she had to pass some medical and other evaluations to return to active duty.

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