Sunday, November 28, 2010

Ohio town will be focus on gay rights referendum in a "reddish" state

Th AP is carrying an important story by David Crary on an upcoming referendum on extending extensive anti-discrimination protections based on sexual orientation in Bowling Green, Ohio, in the northwest part of the state. The town went for Bush in 2004 but Obama in 2008.

The article notes that in Ohio, as in much of the country, younger people are more supportive of equal rights, as an abstract idea, than older generations. One resident said that his kids will deal with much more diversity of choice than he did. There is a suggestion that some of the problem has to do with the sharing of risks and sacrifices in family life.

A GOP-lead House might make it harder to make progress on ENDA, but maybe not as difficult as observers think. The same for “don’t ask don’t tell” if it is not repealed this year. After all, the litigation currently before the Ninth Circuit originated in the Party of Lincoln.

Sometimes what looks red is actually a bit pink.

Picture: Old grain elevators in Kipton, OH; a bicycle path replaces an old NY Central line.

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