Friday, December 24, 2010

Gates throws a little cold water on the DADT-repeal Christmas party

Defense Secretary Robert Gates threw a little cold water on “our” Christmas party by reminding everyone that officially the “don’t ask don’t tell” policy is still in effect, and the process of lifting it can’t start for 60 days, and until he can certify that the military has new policies in place. His comment got mentioned by Dr. Sanjay Gupta on AC360 last night.

But the ice water jug belongs to Robert Knight of “Coral Ridge Ministries” for his Washington Times commentary-rant on Wednesday “A new meaning for ‘brothers in arms’; Repealing ‘don’t ask don’t tell’ can’t undo human nature”, where he speaks of America’s “moral insanity”. (He speaks of "the primacy of sex between husbands and wives" as taught by "all major religions.") The article says he has a new book “The Truth About Marriage: Defending God’s Plan for the Family” and I can well imagine what it argues. (We’ve seen it with Maggie Gallagher and Jennifer Roback Morse, but I bet this take things even further. After all, there’s a “Noah’s Ark” park getting built in Kentucky.)

My bet is, since DADT discharges have to go through the Secretary of Defense and reportedly stopped in October, they’ll remain stopped, forever.

Also, early Friday morning Vice President Joseph Biden told ABC News that he thought that in time America would accept same-sex marriage everywhere.

Picture: I call that "getting it".  Sorry, almost an R Rating (it's fake, and not a wardrobe malfunction).

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