Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Washington Times amuses us with speculations about gays in special forces

Last week, the Washington Times offered a commentary rant after the vote to lift "don't ask don't tell" (see previous post). Here goes The Washington Times again (TWT), with it’s “happening now” story “Special forces wary of ‘don’t ask don’t tell’ repeal”, in a special by Rowan Scarborough.

I recall that Carl Levin, in the testimony, talked about a particular soldier who was “big, mean and gay” (I don’t know whether he has shown up at Town or Cobalt, but it seems as though on any given night there is a statistically greater than average sample of men over 6’6” tall – and I had once thought that this happened only in Minneapolis, at the Saloon).

The story has Rear Adm Worthington speculating that not so many will sign up for Navy Seals (remember though the1997 movie ”G.I. Jane” had Demi Moore train as a female Seal [don't confuse the movie with George Segal's "Navy Seals" in 1990], although they say this is Disney movies, not permissible in real life). There is silly speculation about how many gays are in medical or clerical.

In fact, the most intimate environment in the military may be submarines, where sailors speak of “bunk mates” and tend to gain weight on cruises.

The Discovery Channel, however, has a series on the extreme training environments for elite rescue units in all the services (my TV blog, Aug 25, 2010).

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