Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Arizona passes emergency funeral protection zone legislation to keep Westboro protests at bay

Arizona has passed a law establishing “funeral protection zones” to prevent a group from Fred Phelps’s Westboro Baptist Church from protesting at funerals associated with the tragedy in Tucson on Friday.

Although, as the news has unfolded, the incident appears to have no relationship to the gay community, Phelps was still going to protest a funeral of a child victim claiming that Loughner had been sent as God’s punishment for sin. Controversial Arizona governor Jan Brewer signed the emergency legislation, which could face First Amendment challenges.

I have a family service soon, and I guess Phelps could target me (for becoming publicly involved in repealing “don’t ask don’t tell”, among many other things) if he wanted. It seems that no one is immune, and his minions roam the countryside and cityscapes. My attitude now is, let him. He (and his “family church”) can protest all he wants and make a fool of himself in public.

Politico has the news story here.

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