Sunday, January 30, 2011

CobaltDC throws "Winter Blue Ball" party with Shift DC

On Saturday, Jan. 29, I tried CobaltDC’s “Winter Blue Ball” party with ShiftDC .  The group Shift is apparently identified with a style of disco music, which is not the same as Taylor Swift or Kelly Clarkson on Sirius XM, although both of the latter would work well in disco.

It really got packed about 12:30 PM.   There were plenty of party crowns to go around, along with Aquarian tinsel, and globes hanging from the ceiling like inhabited planets in a nearby solar system. A Metro Weekly photographer was there, and captured me; so I hope my aging face appears in next weekend’s issue.  I told him about my “Do Ask Do Tell” book and blogs and connection to “don’t ask don’t tell” repeal  and mentioned Oprah's recent excursion into the use of the "do ask do tell" phrase. I also suggested that he Google “Shy and Mighty” (which belongs to someone else, but it sounds catchy and trademarkable  -- in any case, several items, like “Antennae”, are definitely disco-danceable).

Once again, like much of February last year, in-town DC streets have lots of snowbanks around, and little all-night parking.  You need a working Metro (without single tracking) and plenty of cabs to get around for “clubbing”.

The Shift Party is supposed to happen every last Saturday night, but this month there were five Saturdays.  I don’t know what happened the fourth Saturday. The third Saturday has become a “ladies’ night” (remember Ladies’ Day at the old Griffith Stadium with the horrid Washington Senators?  Note that the San Francisco Giants play the Nats here April 29-May 2, early, so that’s the chance to see Tim Lincecum pitch.) 

Shift has it's own little YouTube video. 

It did get "wild at heart" last night. 
The "got it" count was 4, by my reckoning.

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