Monday, January 10, 2011

Prosecutor in Michigan goads DUI defendant into ex-gay program when arrested while leaving gay bar

Alternet has an almost unbelievable story about a young man in Michigan who (as recently as 2007) went through an ex-gay program (called “Teen Challenge”) as a “condition of probation” from a county prosecutor to get out of a DUI charge when leaving a gay bar. Because of family hostility, he had spent ten days in jail unable to post bail.

The story, by James Voss, is titled “Truth wins out: What happened when fundamentalist Christians tried to “cure” me of homosexuality.

The student had dropped out of a Bible college, North Central University and had been brought up in a Pentecostal church.

The motive for the “conversion” seems to be nothing more than purely religious ideology. However, one of the tracts did claim that homosexuality was harmful to “the extended family”, which, in a sense, perhaps it is. (For example, imagine the "Raising Helen" scenario so popular with Hollywood. When married parents have multiple children, and one of them gives them grandchildren, and then something tragic happens, they expect the siblings to be able to step up and raise the grandchildren, even though they did not "procreate" them.)  It also spoke vaguely of “society at large” and claimed that only 2% of homosexual men survive to 65. (I guess I’m one of the 2%, then.)

The link is here.

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