Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Frameline competition find has awarded grants to LGBT films

Frameline competiton fund has awarded grants to seven LGBT films. The press release was sent to me by email today, and here is the link for the full content, with many images:  I’ll try to find these films and review them individually on my movies blog. (If someone sends me a DVD for review, I have to inform readers of that fact; but I hope some of them show up at Reel Affirmations in Washington DC this April.)  It’s interesting that one of the movies is called “August”: Josh Hartnett was in a movie by that name about an Internet startup in the month before 9/11. 

Included is a biography of Vito Russ

The email was sent to me by Bridget Dixon of Hollenbach Associates. 

Here is the YouTube trailer of Frameline's 30th Anniversary Trailer.

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