Friday, February 11, 2011

Tuition recoupment persists as a problem for self-outed under "don't ask don't tell" even as the repeal procedure starts

Chris Johnson has a story in the Washington Blade Feb. 11 over some continuation over the issue of the military trying to recoup tuition from servicemembers discharged under “don’t ask don’t tell”, even as the policy is “gradually” being repealed.  The link is here.

In recent years, SLDN and other legal groups have been able to stop recoupment claims when servicemembers were outed by third parties, but not necessarily when servicemembers  outed themselves.

That’s the case with Sara Isaacson, after separation from the University of North Carolina ROTC program after self-outing shortly before graduation.

Johnson also has a story regarding the progress of the repeal within the Pentagon, which goes through four bureaucratic phases: “pre-repeal, certification, implementation, sustainment”.

It isn't over until the last out!

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