Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Barney Frank to reintroduce ENDA in 112th Congress

While SLDN and some of the media are watching the oversight of the DADT repeal closely, the civilian economy comes back into view, as Barney Frank (D-MA) sets to reintroduce the Employment Non Discrimination Act, possibly  Thursday.  Chris Geidner has a story on PoliGlot here in th DC Metro Weekly.

The bill would include protection for gender identity as well as sexual orientation, but would not invoke the concept of disparate impact.

Generally, many major corporations have included non-discrimination for sexual orientation in their policies since the 1990s.   To quote HRC, “ As of March 2011, 433 (87 percent) of the Fortune 500 companies had implemented non-discrimination policies that include sexual orientation, and 229 (46 percent) had policies that include gender identity,” link

The original version of ENDA goes back to 1993, introduced by Sen. Ted Kennedy shortly after the March on Washington.

One of the major co-founders of Facebook, Chris Hughes (featured in a CNBC documentary Jan. 5), is openly gay according to Wikipedia, and Metro Weekly carried and article March 25 about Andrew Noyes, Facebook’s spokesperson in Washington. 

The Washington Blade has reported that Barney Frank is looking for more sponsors, and 365Gay reports that a GOP controlled House is unlikely to move on it, link here

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