Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Supreme Court allows Westboro protests at military funerals; read MYWOT report on WBC "GHF" site's reputation

The Supreme Court has ruled 8-1 against the petitioners who sued the Westboro Baptist Church over demonstrations near a funeral in rural Maryland for a soldier (Marine) killed in combat, because, in Westboro’s “worldview”, the military allows gays to serve as part of “don’t ask don’t tell”.  Yes, it’s pretty warped.

AOL has an interesting article about Justice Alito’s dissent, about speech at the margins where there is intention to inflict insult on a person or group of people. The link is here

However the other justices were concerned over restrictions on free speech on public issues, no matter how offensive.

The plaintiffs may be ordered to pay the legal fees for Westboro, which it is feared could be used to fund other protests.

Here is a PDF of the Supreme Court’s slip opinion today, link

I used to look at Westboro’s “GHF” website in bars, but never at home.  Web of Trust rates the site with a red warning. You can look at MYWOT’s "report card" (not the site itself) here

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