Monday, April 04, 2011

Board allows openly gay sailor to stay in

An administrative board voted last week not to discharge an “openly gay” sailor after a Myspace photo of his kissing another male surfaced. 

CNN has a story early Monday by Craig Johnson, about Petty Officer Second Class Derek Monaldo, 26, link here.

This is one of the first instances where an administrative hearing did not recommend discharge.  Technically, DADT remains in effect and soldiers and sailors can be discharged for statements until the repeal is certified. But indirect statements, such as those on social networking sites, may be interpreted less strictly than in the past, and discharges now have to go through the Pentagon. 

Before the debate on the ban started in 1993, Navy officials had looked the other way and pretended to perform investigations on Keith Meinhold, until he appeared on national television in May 1992, helping kick-start the debate before Clinton's election.

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