Saturday, April 30, 2011

CobaltDC has "Meltdown" event with ShiftDC to start May Day

CobaltDC had its ShiftDC event April 30, merging into May Day, with a theme based on Japan.  Terlihe Internet announcement indicated that the party was partially at least a benefit for Japan in the wake of the earthquake; it was called “Meltdown”.  The Blogger announcement is here

There was plenty of Japanese décor and primary-color hats (I don’t know the term).  I put on a yellow one for a while.

Another sartorial them that showed up was “It Gets Better”, which Ellen DeGeneres has promoted on her daytime show (after the Tyler Clementi  tragedy). The link for the "It Gets Better Project" is this.  The upstairs was packed by about 11:30, as usual (it's a relatively small dance floor).  It’s funny, I met someone else with a Blackberry (like the president’s); it seems that the Blackberry is out of fashion now on dance floors given iPhones, etc. 

As for the “meltdown” theme  (referring to the catastrophe at the coastal nuclear power plants in Japan caused by the tsunami following the March 2011 earthquake, widely covered by mainstream media like CNN), discos sometimes make light of tragedies, even at benefits. In Berlin, Germany, in May, 1999, I went to the Connection Disco and downstairs found a prison exhibit making light of the Holocaust.  Twitter wasn’t around then, but a tweet about it wouldn’t have sounded so nice. (Just read Anderson Cooper’s tweets about behavior he finds objectionable at the partying going on right now at the “heterosexual” celebration in Britain.)  I met a nice graduate student from Britain (born and raised in Leipzig before the wall fell) that night.  Later on that vacation, I took a night (Eurailpass) train (from Berlin) East to Krakow and did make a personal visit to the Auschwitz-Birkenau site, which takes about half a day. It is quite an experience to remember for the rest of one’s life. 

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