Thursday, April 07, 2011

UCLA reports on the percentage of gays and bisexuals; also UCLA reports on lesbians as parents

Carol Morello has a story in the Washington Post about the number of gay and lesbian people in the US, as self-idenfied, as about 9 million, or 3.5%.  The link is here.

But people who denied bisexuality and were exclusive homosexual were less than 2%.  It’s also likely that the percentage of males with no sexual interest in women is between 1.5 and 2%.

It would be interesting to survey the number of men who have married and had children and later came out.

The study came from the UCLA school of law.  I also found another study report which reports a study from UCLA (Nannette Gartrell) showing that lesbians may make better parents (of teens particularly) than heterosexuals.  Story on Prospect (“Do gays really make better parents?”) by Gabe Arana here. Indeed, "The Kinds Are All Right." 

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