Saturday, April 02, 2011

Virginia B&B denies reservation to gay couple, then reverses policy

On March 22, the Washington Blade carried online a curious story by Chris Johnson about the initial refusal of a bed-and-breakfast in Fairfax, VA, the Stafford House, to accept a reservation from a same-sex couple, Russell Williams, 56, and David Schaefer, 54. The couple had been married in Boston five years ago.

 The couple was also told that unmarried heterosexual couples would also be denied reservations.

 After this earlier report Mar 22 in the Blade online (link), the business said it would accept same-sex couples (print article March 25 on scribd here, also by Johnson).
The establishment has a website and illustration of the property (website url) here

It's important to remember that libertarian positions say that property owners should be able to have whatever policies they like, and that market pressures (and social visibility) will usually force non-discrimination (which seems to have happened here). 

Also, Cobalt DC was a packed as ever for a Friday night April 1, on a cold night.  People actually become less “intimate” when the crowd is so thick. 

But the world is changing, partly because of eldercare and demographics (and Virginia has a filial responsibility law  -- my Retirement blog, July 12, 2007).  We’re heading toward a world where everybody has to be responsible for someone, regardless of choices.

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