Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Washington Blade reinvents itself again, and gets a great nod in the Wall Street Journal

The Washington Blade will commence its makeover with this Friday (April 29) edition, just in coincidence with a very famous heterosexual wedding across the Pond, perhaps.

Sarah E. Needleman wrote a synoptic story for the Wall Street Journal Tuesday, and the Blade tweeted it. The title is “Blade Rises from the Ashes” (not like the University of Phoenix), link here

Remember that in November 2009 the Blade, as were all other gay papers owned by Windows Media, was suddenly locked out on a Monday morning by a bankruptcy.  I went to one of the wigwams that week at the Hard Rock CafĂ© downtown. But by Friday it had a small print edition as “DC Agenda” (guess what the “agenda” is – marriage equality).  Kevin Nash and two other principals formed Brown, Naff & Pitts Omnimedia Inc, and bought the paper out of bankruptcy, including the right to use the trademarked Blade name.
 OK, here's a competitor (from 2010 Pride):

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