Thursday, May 19, 2011

Arizona: ABC presents gay male couple with 12 adopted children

ABC "Good Morning America", on Thursday May 18, presented the story of Steven and Roger Ham who have adopted twelve children, and cared for others in foster care, in Arizona.  Many states (including Virginia – up in the air now) don’t allow gay (or not legally married) couples to adopt but some will allow singles to adopt.

They started in 2003, intending to adopt a girl, but got a boy with five siblings. 

The film was shot on a Sunday, with the kids having a full day of outdoor activities.  (One threw up!)
George Stephanopoulos hosted the story.

Wikipedia attribution link for p.d. picture of Mogollon Rim (site of the Travis Walton 1975 abduction).     I visited the area in Dec 1975

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