Monday, May 09, 2011

TN proposes bill banning mention of "gay" before ninth grade in public schools

The Huffington Post is reporting on a bill in the Tennessee state senate that would prohibit mention of homosexuality (even as sexual orientation) in public schools before ninth grade. The link for the story on the “don’t say gay” bill is here.

What happens if a gay teacher who has students at level less than ninth grade is easily found on the Internet, in blogs by search engines, or Facebook. Does that count as mention?

On the other hand, California would require teaching of the gay civil rights movement in public schools (Washington Blade, sidebar, p. 10, national news, May 6).

And Baltimore Gay Life has a brief article by Maggie Beetz, “The joys and trials of gay parenting in a straight world.”  But many gay people are parents from earlier heterosexual marriages.  The link is here
Second picture: when I see a business sign like this on the street, my reaction is a word that sometimes got said in Army barracks back in 1969, long before the days people dreamed up of "don't ask don't tell". The word is "thmooth".  And maybe (according to Army buddies) inspired by Tiny Tim. I mean, "OGAB!"

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