Sunday, May 29, 2011

"Truck Stop" aka "District" fits -- is tucked away in the DC Adams-Morgan kesparate

To me, the Adams-Morgan kesparate within Washington DC invokes the "sinful" mood of Yzordderrex more than Patashoqua; it’s noisy, messy, busy, dangerous, and I suppose wonderful. If you get out at Dupont Circle, you probably gain about 250 feet in elevation before you arrive at a new club, the “Truck Stop”, way up on 
18th Street, near the end of the 2400 block. Outside, there is a sign “District” (without the “9”, as in the South African movie, although it’s the sort of place where extraterrestrials from Clive Barker’s novels would show up. To the uninitiated, the club seems hidden away, as in Josh Groban's song. 

The club is up two flights of stairs, then opens up, with two upper level lounge areas up two different staircases, a well segmented space for a club. It’s four flights total to get to the deck, where a supper of delicious frankfurters, fries, and cole slaw.

Most of the people (from whatever Dominion of the Imajica) were on the deck, even on a hot, humid evening. In DC, you can still smoke in outside areas, although that didn’t seem to be so much in evidence. 
As for discos, I think most people like the smoking ban and clean air now in the big spaces Friday and Saturday nights.  I don’t think it hurts the clubs.

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