Sunday, June 05, 2011

AGCMCC hears final sermon from Rev, Paul Tucker in Minneapolis, about justice; 30th anniversary of first CDC reports on AIDS noted

Rev. Paul Eknes-Tucker gave a farewell sermon this morning at All God’s Children Metropolitan Community Church in Minneapolis, a brief address in which he said that “justice is the eraser by which we remove the pencil boundaries that keep people confined.”  Of course, most people have experiences not under their control that threaten to fence them in. (This sounds like Job.)  Everything one owns is in a sense in trust.  The only thing one can depend on is being of value to others. But, for me, I still am committed to the idea that I must follow my own personal calling to be of value to others.  No hucksterism allowed.

The sanctuary was full today, and I, arriving slightly late in my rental car and having to remember the exact location after seven years, sat in the back row. I received communion from him. 

A large congregation, AGCMCC  is in a large, wide building and is well attended.  The MCC in Richmond VA has a very similar building, but, for that matter, so does the First Baptist Church on Monument Ave. in Richmond, where a pastor who knows me pretty well  (from First Baptist in Washington DC) now ministers. 

Pastor Paul also noted that today was the 30th anniversary of the first CDC reports in 1981 warning of the upcoming epidemic that would become known as AIDS. He talked about the success of modern medications in his own case in keeping HIV managed.  He has not announced his next plans.

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