Sunday, June 12, 2011

DC Pride March starts and end on time; street and club festivities all happen earlier; a hail storm INSIDE a club

Well, I got careless yesterday about getting to “the church” on time – that is, Pride DC.  I played around on the computer, lost track of time, and then got delayed forty minutes by weekend track work on the Metro. I bought a sandwich, and arrived in the march area a little before 8 PM.  I found that not only had the March (like the second movement of the Schumann Fantasy) started on time, this year police had insisted that it end on time.  I couldn’t even find any floats to see over at Thomas circle.  For picture coverage, "your" best bet is to check Metro Weekly. 

JR’s  (Washington DC) started its outdoor party earlier than usual, with the sun still up.

Cobalt’s dance floor always fills earlier for Pride. Last night, it was fairly swinging by 10 PM.   One person from the music world recognized me. 

There occurred an indoor a hail storm. Occasionally (although not consistently, like at the Saloon in Minneapolis), the club will send fog out into the air. This time, I was night next to the fog machine, and I felt hail and sleet pellets hit the back of my neck and face, and slide down under my shirt.  Some sleet hit the floor.  I guess not all hail storms need to form at 25000 feet.  All of this after DC had dodged all the surrounding thunderstorms for Pride.  And we’re recovering from a heat wave.  
The Washington Post has a story about the Saturday evening march and particularly about Cobalt's float in the parade (and the preparations done to a few employees) here:

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