Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Gay marriage celebrant questions whether the "gay bar is dying"

Take a look at this article on MSN slate: “The Gay Bar: Is It Dying?” by June Thomas. It’s long, and a more complete version can be purchased as an ebook. The author reports adjourning to the Stonewall Inn after the victory in the gay marriage vote in New York State.  (The link is here.)

It seems to me that dance bars, the best ones, still get pretty full by around midnight Fridays and Saturdays, at least in Washington and in my recent trip to Minneapolis.  I expect to find the same later this year on Cedar Springs in Dallas. 

But it’s true, gay “culture” is much less insular than it was during the “Age of Me”, even the 1990s, when I wrote my first book.   And the “privacy” of the innards of a gay bar (as she mentions), especially a dance floor, in the age of digital cameras, blogs, Facebook and YouTube is certainly questionable. That’s another issue. 

One problem new gay clubs find increasingly could be zoning. In more cities, neighborhoods don't want new bars, dance clubs, or strip clubs in redeveloping areas.  This has been a problem in Washington DC and, according to my recent visit, Minneapolis. 

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