Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Proposition 8 Judge need not recuse himself, according to court ruling

A federal judge, Ware, has ruled that Judge Walker did not need to recuse (disqualify) himself from the Proposition 8 hearings because he himself might benefit from his own ruling. There’s plenty of rhetoric on both sides. For example, the Sacramento Bee published this editorial today, link 

For an "opposing viewpoint", the National Review’s Ed Whelan proffers “a short series of posts” arguing for recusal. Why should it take a whole “world series”?  He does make a point about “attenuated interest”.  But it seems as if Prop 8 supporters are grabbing for lifelines, because their own issues are failing on their own weight. The introductory offer link is here.

Nevertheless, in my own life, I’ve experienced “conflict of interest”.  When I had published my first book in 1997, dealing heavily with the “don’t ask don’t tell” policy as it had been at the time, I had been working for a company that specialized in selling life insurance to military officers.  The company had been acquired by a more versatile company, and I transferred to the larger company in Minneapolis in 1997, where I would live for six years, to avoid this conflict. 

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