Sunday, July 17, 2011

Freddie's (Arlington VA) turns karaoke into a "tribunal"

Well, last night, there was quite a little show at Freddie’s in Arlington, VA.  One karaoke performer, singing about “dreams” (Inception-style), did the shirt pull-up and solicited tips like a dancer (for charity, I hope).  And this looked like a tribunal: he was “absolut thmooth”.   No drag queen made him lose it.

And there just a tad of dirty dancing in little area near the stage.

Another karaoke performer as announced as “Mr. Capital Pride”.

Back in 2004, I had tried to sing Smallville's "Save Me" in karaoke at Baltimore gay pride. 

In another matter, Metro Weekly is reporting on the closing of the Apex DC Club.  I had enjoyed it in the past (including the karaoke upstairs), but in recent months it had not been able to attract the crowds of other clubs. 

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