Saturday, July 09, 2011

Inspection of a service academy (West Point)

It's nice to see what our service academy cadets go through.  Here's a simulated room inspection from the Visitor's Center at the US Military Academy (Army) at West Point, NY :

I can recall a Saturday night in Army Basic in 1968 where a drill sergeant (himself 20) lectured us on the importance of getting every button done for a wall locker inspection.  (They could get undone).

Service academies also have strict honor systems, as explained by former Midshipman Joseph Steffan in his 1992 book "Honor Bound".  Does (or did) "don't ask don't tell" violate the academy honor codes?
Integrity becomes a very loaded subject.  It can contradict the concept of "unit cohesion".

Update: July 10

I updated the Submarine museum and the Nautilus ("20000 Leagues Under the Sea") at Groton, CT.  These were the most crowded living conditions I have ever seen on a sub.
Or this:
I also dropped by the Coast Guard Academy (New London, CT, nearby), whose visitor center is closed for rebuilding. I could not go on the grounds but got some pictures from the distance:
Or at the north boundary:

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