Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Study of gay Mormons seems to point toward an attitude more like the Vatican's

Jennifer Dobner has an interesting story in the Associated Press about gay Mormons, link here, based on a study done at Utah State University.

The LDS Church used to condemn homosexual thoughts as well as acts, but now some elders are beginning to admit that the causes of sexual orientation are unknown, and beginning to take a position more like that of the Vatican, that is more like a personal challenge to be borne.  But homosexual acts can still lead to excommunication, and there is somewhat of a “don’t ask don’t tell” attitude evolving.

The whole exercise of homosexuality and the socially conservative values of some religions reflects the idea that many people seem to need to believe that everyone else will have to play by their “rules” before they can continue giving themselves to other people in a way that demands emotional complementarity.

The group for Gay and Lesbian Mormons is called Affirmation (link).  I knew one person in the group in the 90s. 

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