Saturday, September 03, 2011

Rehoboth: more observations (and the big bad neighbor in MD)

I did drop in on the Blue Moon in Reboboth Beach, Delaware, on my one-day visit.  A weekday afternoon, it wasn’t crowded, but the people are probably coming back for Labor Day. I’m not sure if Reboboth has a large dance disco now; it’s been a matter of controversy in the past.

The Blue Moon has an electric grand piano for performances. I don’t recall seeing that in a bar in DC.

You can park on Rehoboth on weekdays, but it’s gotten to be impossible on weekends.  One year I parked at the State Park two miles to the north and walked.

The Queen Street Beach Thursday had a moderate crowd (as I noted yesterday).  Rehoboth and Ocean City seem to have dodged the bullet on Irene, passing just ten miles off to the East.

My first experience with beaches was in 1947, at age 4, when my parents and family friends rented a place in Bethany Beach. Then, every year thereafter, it was a week in Ocean City every June, for 15 years.  In 1950, we had to come home early because I got the measles.  There was no vaccine then.  We stayed in an apartment one block from the beach (on Baltimore Ave) every year, except one year when we stayed at the Beach Plaza.

I noticed on Philadelphia Ave. in Ocean City that almost every intersection had a red light camera, but I saw no warnings of photo enforcement.   

Update: May 25, 2013.

The Washington Post has an article (Metro) about the Blue Moon and Rehoboth as a destination that fared much better than other areas after Superstorm Sandy, by Steve Hendrix, here

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