Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Suburban Minnesota school district caught in controversy over "neutral curriculum" and outbreak of anti-gay bullying

Erik Eckholm has a detailed story on the front page of the New York Times today about the controversy over school curriculum policy in Anoka, Minnesota, a Minneapolis suburb along Highway 10 about ten miles north of the downtown city (I’ve driven through it many times), but in a different county.

“Indifference” or even “neutrality” is not always benign when coming from those in control. The school system has a policy that discourages discussion of sexual orientation or gay issues as part of the curriculum.  So students don’t learn that anti-gay bullying, even as an example of many kinds of bullying, is wrong. 

The link for the story is here

The Twin Cities area is one of the most civilized I’ve ever lived in or even visited.  But even in the suburbs here, anti-gay behavior is a problem.  And look at the clinic run by Michele Bachmann’s husband. 

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