Sunday, October 23, 2011

William and Mary GALA holds Silver Anniversary dinner in Wren Building

On Saturday night, Oct. 22, The William and Mary Gay and Lesbian Alumni(ae), Inc. held its Silver Anniversary Dinner (25th, from its 1986 founding) in the Great Hall of the Christopher Wren Building, in Willliamsburg, VA.

Wayne Curtis, President, opened and then introduced Jeffrey Trammel, Rector of the College of William and Mary, and then Special Guest, Taylor Revely, 27th President of the College.  The president said that college students, to succeed, must learn to work in a world of very diverse views of all matters of culture, including both religion and sexuality.  This is not the world it was a half-century ago, he said.  Times have changed. 

The dinner was certainly delicious. The first choice, which I took, was “sautéed lump crab cake with Edwards country ham, stone ground mustard sauce, and tobacco onions, creamy grits, and seasoned vegetables.”  There was also a “pecan crusted chicken with roasted peach chutney”.  I believe these were supposed to be colonial menus the way they could have been prepared in the 18th century.  The mustard ham and crab was hot-tasting. It’s preparation would be a good topic for a cooking show, or maybe for “Good Morning America”, or maybe for Nate Berkus. 

The documentary film (Movies blog) was reshown.  There was also a discussion of the Richard Cornish Endowment Fund  (link) for the acquisition of gay and lesbian resources at the Earl Greg Swem Library at the College of William and Mary.

There was a reception at a GALA board member’s home in the “woods”, very  hard to find on a night with a New Moon on narrow streets with no lights.  The palatial home would indeed fit the Nate Berkus design show. 

(See also Oct. 2 posting on WM "It Gets Better" video.)

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