Sunday, October 02, 2011

William and Mary GALA presents "It Gets Better" video, announces Silver Anniversary homecoming schedule

The group William and Mary GALA (William and Mary Gay and Lesbian Alumni, Inc.) has an announcement of its homecoming weekend schedule for this month on its home page here. This will be the organizations’ “Silver Anniversary” celebration (25th anniversary).

William and Mary has its “It Gets Better” project video (14 minutes) on YouTube.

In my first “Do Ask Do Tell” book, and on my “BillBoushka” blog (see profile), Nov. 28, 2006 entry, I’ve documented my “expulsion” from William and Mary my freshman semester on Nov. 28, 1961.  That happened, of course, in a different era. 

Anderson Cooper and CNN AC360 will present the "Bullying: It Stops Here" on Sunday, Oct. 9. 

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