Sunday, November 06, 2011

Town DC has "Set the Clocks Back to Standard Time" party, once a year "opportunity"; preppy crowd stays downstairs

Last night, Town DC held its “one extra hour” party, All Saints Weekend – the first Saturday night in November, when bargoers get an extra hour. The attraction was supposed to be the GayDays 2011 tour with DJ Randy Bettis (link here).

The crowd, however, mostly stayed downstairs, in the light, this week.  The packed scene was quite preppy, and looked like a cross of “Gossip Girl”, “Social Network II”, and “Judas Kiss”.  Screenwriter Andrew Sorkin would have been impressed.  There was one college guy, quite attractive with bowl haircut, bopping up and down in the crowd alone all evening. Curious.

The drag queens who perform always had their Myspace pages, which I presume are Facebook pages now. One of them always says “Are you having a good time?”  Later, “she” will usually remove someone’s shirt.  In our world of “The Polarities”, this is all psychologically masculine behavior. 
For those who watch the PBS series "The Fabric of the Cosmos", this party could be called "The Illusion of Time".

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