Monday, December 26, 2011

GOP Congressman urges LGBT people to get "thicker skins" on bullying

The HRC, in an email regarding candidates it supports, mentioned its opposition to Rep. Steve King (R-IA) saying that LGBT people need a “thicker skin” about bullying.  The link is here.  King was also "upset" about the developments on gay marriage in Iowa. 

I guess for King, double standards and hypocrisy are SOP. 

I googled around for some other reports of “thicker skin” comments and found one back in 2009 about a teacher in Illinois disciplined for an anti-gay slur.  But a right wing column weighed in against the student affected and then ranted about how homosexuality is God’s chosen “trial” assigned to some people, as if they get to decide what everyone’s “dues” are to be, with the link on Blogger (by Alvin McEwen) here

I usually don’t get into campaigns for or against specific candidates for their $$$, that’s not my calling in life or “gift of the Spirit”.  But the HRC story, in my Gmail, certainly caught my eye today.

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